Business Lease Smart Mobility Car Sharing: in development!

Car sharing is gaining popularity. After the rise of business-to-consumer (B2C) car sharing concepts (Car2Go, Autolib, Zipcar), business-to-business (B2B) concepts are also becoming increasingly popular. Many of the automotive industry players have begun to actively engage in proprietary car sharing businesses. Likewise, Business Lease is developing a B2B car sharing concept that will be offered as a pilot product soon; Smart Mobility Car Sharing.

What is it?
B2B car sharing facilitates the sharing of vehicles for employees of a single company. Generally, there are 5 benefits for companies to implement car sharing within their fleet management:

  1. Efficiency: companies can optimize their fleets and parking spots by providing the same or several vehicles to more employees;
  2. CSR: car sharing decreases air pollution and energy dependency and is therefore environmentally friendly;
  3. Cost-conscious: more employees that use the same vehicle will save the company money over time;
  4. Unburdening: car sharing providers can unburden companies and fleet managers with regard to car procurement, administration, maintenance and fiscal aspects;
  5. Smart Insights: thanks to telematics technologies, fleet managers can collect relevant data about driver behaviour, mileages and damages.

The car sharing solution Business Lease will offer as a pilot product, Smart Mobility Car Sharing, consists of three elements:

  • A digital reservation tool, in which employees can quickly book a car;
  • A loose and movable smart box, which makes it possible for employees to open and close cars (keyless) with their mobile phone, and
  • A digital portal, in which fleet managers have access to relevant data and smart insights.

Smart Mobility Car Sharing, therefore, is a clever combination of low-tech robustness with high-tech usability. Also, it is a flexible solution, because the concept is based on using existing pool cars or new vehicles, and the smart box can be placed easily in other cars. All these features make Smart Mobility Car Sharing a strong competitive product that is cheaper than other car sharing concepts in the market.

Why is it important?
Car sharing and shared mobility is one of the major trends in the mobility market. These trends change the mobility needs of people and companies, and thus the demand towards Business Lease for such concepts. With the future establishing of a strong and competitive car sharing concept, Business Lease will be able to offer a nice solution to the changing mobility demands in all the countries!


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